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SPHC-1: Kamikaze Noise - Fuck It Up Fuck It Up Fuck It Up EP (300 copies, out of print)
SPHC-2: Chaos Destroy - Music Not Music EP (300 copies, out of print)
SPHC-3: Lotus Fucker - self-titled LP (1500 copies)
SPHC-4: Silent Way - Wound LP (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-5: The Wankys/Lotus Fucker split 7" (1100 copies, out of print)
SPHC-6: Chaos Destroy - Collection Not Collection LP (300 copies, out of print)
SPHC-7: Nuklear Blast Suntan - Blot Out the Worthless Sun LP (750 copies, out of print)
SPHC-8: Cider - 3rd Reichord, 19 years EP (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-9: Lotus Fucker/Penis Geyser split 7" (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-10: Merciless Game - Genjitsu Wo Kutabare 8" (600 copies, out of print)
SPHC-11: deleted (Ruidos Absurdos collection EP)
SPHC-12: Chaos Destroy/Nekromantiker split 7" (300 copies, out of print)
SPHC-13: Panikos - Awakening from Lethargy LP US Pressing (500 copies)
SPHC-14: See You in Hell - Utok LP US pressing (300 copies, out of print)
SPHC-15: xBrainiax/Lettuce Vultures split 7" (550 copies, out of print)
SPHC-16: Sete Star Sept/Penis Geyser split 7" (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-17: Nukkehammer - Soviet Rust Belt EP (1000 copies, out of print)
SPHC-18: Nuklear Blast Suntan - The Wheel of Fate is Turning EP (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-19: Globsters - Rock and Roll Misery EP (500 copies, sold out)
SPHC-20: Exit Hippies/Lotus Fucker split 12" (850 copies, out of print)
SPHC-21: deleted (Chapmans new 12" single)
SPHC-22: Sun Children Sun demo 7" (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-23: deleted (Merchandise/Lotus Fucker split 7")
SPHC-24: Column of Heaven - Mission From God LP (1250 copies, out of print)
SPHC-25: Sete Star Sept/Noise split 10" (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-26: Boom Boom Kid - Musica Sin la Intervencion de Criste LP+flexi (850 copies, out of print)
SPHC-27: Brodys Militia - Napalm Zeppelin Raids EP (300 copies, out of print)
SPHC-28: Merda - Indio Cocalero LP (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-29: Inservibles - Una Vida de Tristeza EP (1100 copies, out of print)
SPHC-30: Chaos Channel - (Magic Bullet) That Works to Feed the Pig EP (600 copies, out of print)
SPHC-31: Lotus Fucker - Forever My Fighting Spirit LP (1500 copies)
SPHC-32: The Wankys - Knock One Out LP (500 copies)
SPHC-33: Gasmask Terror - 17101961 EP US pressing (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-34: The Cabbageheads - self-titled EP (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-35: Terveet Kadet - Piinaava Nautinto EP US pressing (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-36: Sete Star Sept - Visceral Tavern LP (850 copies)
SPHC-37: deleted (Merciless Game/The Cabbageheads split 7")
SPHC-37-A: Merciless Game Brazil tour flexi (250 copies)
SPHC-38: Nekromantiker - self-titled LP (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-39: See You in Hell - Jed LP US pressing (350 copies)
SPHC-40: Thieving Bastards - Complete Musical Disasters EP (NEXT 300 copies)
SPHC-41: Sete Star Sept/New York Against Belzebu split 7" (300 copies, out of print)
SPHC-42: deleted (Lotus Fucker/Sun Children Sun split 7")
SPHC-43: Fossil Fuel - Punk Rock Karate Chop EP (NEXT 300 copies)
SPHC-44: Nuklear Blast Suntan - Prophetic Visions LP (500 copies)
SPHC-45: Sete Star Sept - All is Wrong 12" single (300 copies, out of print)
SPHC-46: Sete Star Sept/Godstomper split 12" (250 copies)
SPHC-47: Sete Star Sept/Lotus Fucker split 7" (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-48: Six Brew Bantha - Intravenously Commodified LP US pressing (900 copies)
SPHC-49: Exacerbacion - Desastre Humano EP (500 copies, out of print)
SPHC-50: Globsters - Express Everything LP
SPHC-51: Globsters - new EP
SPHC-52: the Coltranes - The Cat of Nine Tails EP (500 copies)
SPHC-53: Thisclose - One Foot in the Grave LP US pressing (300 copies, out of print)
SPHC-54: Inservibles new LP (artwork hell)
SPHC-55: Muerte - self-titled LP (1000 copies, out of print)
SPHC-56: Sete Star Sept/God's America split 7" (550 copies) 
SPHC-57: Noise - Demo Tapes 1991-1995 LP (500 copies)
SPHC-58: Gas Chamber - Stained Hand EP (1000 copies)
SPHC-59: Terveet Kadet - Lapin Helvetti LP US pressing (500 copies)
SPHC-60: Daily Ritual LP
SPHC-61: Last Chaos - Only Fit For Ghosts LP (900 copies)
SPHC-62: Malokio - Senza Scampo LP (500 copies)
SPHC-63: Gasmask Terror - Chape de Plomb LP US pressing (400 copies)

SPHC-64: Sun Children Sun collection 12" (600 copies)
SPHC-65: Exit Hippies - Dance Maniac LP (300 copies)
SPHC-66: deleted (The Cabbageheads - Anarchy and Punk Prevail Over the Dickheads EP)
SPHC-67: the Wankys -self-titled EP (500 copies)
Active Minds/Thisclose split 7" (500 copies)
SPHC-69: Thisclose - Chapter III LP (500 copies)
SPHC-70: Sete Star Sept - Beast World LP (1000 copies)
SPHC-71: Shitnoise Bastards EP (NEXT 300 copies)
Cunts/Anal Butt split 7" (300 copies)

SPHC-73: Sedem Minut Strachu EP (300 copies)
SPHC-74: Final Exit/Sedem Minut Strachu split 7" (NEXT 500 copies)
SPHC-75: Final Exit - Seasons Are Going and Going.... And Lives Goes On LP (500 copies)
SPHC-76: Industrial Holocaust/Lotus Fucker split 7" (NEXT 500 copies)
SPHC-77: Sete Star Sept - 777 song EP
SPHC-78: New York Against Belzebu/Lo-Fi split 7" (300 copies)
SPHC-79: Academic Worms EP
SPHC-80: Kuroishi - Poverty. Ignorance. Greed. Slavery. LP (500 copies)
SPHC-81: Thisclose - What Glory? EP (300 copies)
SPHC-82: Illya - In Adversity... EP (500 copies)
SPHC-83: Backlash - Punk is Danger EP (NEXT 500 copies)
Backlash - Danger/(I Hope) Fight 7" single (500 copies)
SPHC-85: Thisclose/Sludge split 7" (300 copies)
SPHC-86: Sacrificio LP (500 copies)  
SPHC-87: Active Minds LP (NEXT, 1000 copies)
SPHC-88: Ninos Rata EP
SPHC-89: God's America EP
SPHC-90: Illya LP 

 Sow Threat LP
SPHC-92: Norms LP

SPHC-93: The Coltranes LP 

Morte Lenta EP (NEXT, 300 copies)
Spacegrinder LP
SPHC-96: Erectile Dementia LP (NEXT, 250 copies)

Noise/Anal Butt split 7"
Sete Star Sept/Napalm Death is Dead split 7"
SPHC-99: Farting Corpse EP

SPHC-100: Anal Butt LP
SPHC-101: Extintos/Vi-Vi Punx split 12"
SPHC-102: Exit Hippies - Dance Maniac 2 LP
Sao Caos live LP

SPHC: Clocked Out - self-titled LP
SPHC: Putrefacao Humana - Colhendo Desespero EP
SPHC: Osmantikos LP

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