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November 2017:


The past bit has been a nonstop whirlwind of adventure and party, and tonight, I rest.

My trip to Brazil was really affirming and fun for me. In the end I played drums for Morte Lenta on their tour and I think we pulled it off pretty well. Total respect and appreciation to my hardcore fam Joao for letting me play in his cool band and for showing me a great time. Also shout out to my fucking brothers Rogerio and Cesar for always taking care of me, to Sergio, Cassiano, Rivelino, Casella, Mauricio, Luiz, Tercio, for being my fuckin heroes, and Marcelo for putting up with me every day LOL. 

I bought WAY too many cool records, ate too much delicious food, saw some fucking amazing bands, played some cool shows, brought like 350 7"s and 50 12"s and 30 tapes down on the plane with me and got everything to everybody with no postage or import costs, so, big victory for the punks!

Brazil never ceases to amaze me with the depth of its grind scene. Every year, there are a few bands playing Sao Caos I've never heard of, and it's always the same story: "oh this is noisecore band from early 90's that had 2 demo tapes at the time but never stopped playing" and they are always the fucking sickest, most awesome shit. How is this possible???? There's SO MUCH great noisecore down there that just languishes in obscurity, forgotten by time. Joao claims that the scene isn't larger down there, just more unified, more consolidated, so it gives the appearance of being bigger/stronger. Maybe that's true, but I'm not totally convinced. I really think Brazil is a sort of magical place for noisy music. For noisy fucked up music and for record collecting, people love to get googley-eyed at Japan, I do it too, but Brazil goes toe-to-toe in both these departments.

The day after my return I had some company visiting for a local doom metal festival, no comment on this kinda thing but Neurosis was incredible and regardless of the music, it was one hell of a party weekend for us.

Now I've got some time at home to edit the Sao Caos Live LP and the new Anal Butt recordings we did recently.

-new releases news:

in various stages of production and dropping all together:
Morte Lenta EP (DONE)
Industrial Holocaust/Lotus Fucker split 7" (DONE)
Final Exit/Sedem Minut Strachu split 7"
Shitnoise Bastards EP
Fossil Fuel EP
Thieving Bastards EP

on a separate track:
Backlash EP
Duke Nukem LP


An upcoming record I am enjoying:
Sao Caos Live LP hahaha.

A new record I am enjoying:
barely been spinning records cause I've just been running around

An old record I am enjoying:
barely been spinning records cause I've just been running around

A live band I enjoyed:
Noise and Industrial Holocaust (still the best bands in the game)
Atack Epileptico and Skarnio
Days of Hate

Anime I am currently watching:
Revolutionary Girl Utena 
Beast Player Erin
My Hero Academia (OMFG!!!!!!!!!)
(I also watched Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun recently and thought it was sublime)