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September 2017:


Ended the summer doing the same shit: driving tours, slinging my distro, hanging out with friends.

Starting the fall by recording with Anal Butt and with Globsters.

-new releases news:

later this month is Active Minds LP.

in production now and dropping all together as soon as I can:
Morte Lenta EP
Industrial Holocaust/Lotus Fucker split 7"
Final Exit/Sedem Minut Strachu split 7"
Shitnoise Bastards EP
Fossil Fuel EP
Thieving Bastards EP

on a separate track:
Backlash EP


An upcoming record I am enjoying:
new Six Brew Bantha LP, god damn it's tight

A new record I am enjoying:
Zay (Japan) CD, what a mindfuck

An old record I am enjoying:
Final Bombs (Japan) - everything
The Replacements (USA) - everything

A live band I enjoyed:
Droids Blood (USA), really won me over throughout their tour
Lumpy and the Dumpers (USA), always great
Fucking (USA), heard of this band before but never checked them out, totally shocked me with their short/fast/loud minimalist style
Neotypes (USA), best "stupid band with clean guitars and 60 second songs" type of hardcore I've heard in a LONG time

Anime I am currently watching:
Naruto Shippuden