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January 2018:


Brand new year, same old shit. Records, tours, bands, gigs; the cycle continues, for at least one more calendar year. We've got a lot of exciting shit on our plate in 2018.

At the moment though, I am FUCKING BUSY at work. Work, band practice, working on new releases, I don't have the time or energy for much beyond that. Apologies to everybody trying to get ahold of me, I know I got a lot of unanswered texts and e-mails, just not enough time in the day lately.

The new Star Wars sucked, but I am confident then seeing Godstomper next week is going to bring my soul back into balance.

-new releases news:

any day now:
Duke Nukem LP and a GIANT distro update

end of February:
Morte Lenta EP
Industrial Holocaust/Lotus Fucker split 7" 
Final Exit/Sedem Minut Strachu split 7"
Shitnoise Bastards EP
Fossil Fuel EP
Thieving Bastards EP

after that:
God's America EP
Sete Star Sept EP
No Blues EP

this spring:
The Coltranes LP
Globsters LP
Iron Bars LP


An upcoming record I am enjoying:
*sworn to secrecy*

A new record I am enjoying:
new Oniku (Japan) CD, very br00tal and very charming

An old record I am enjoying:
Ripcord (UK) - Harvest Hardcore EP, somehow this band has not ranked for me over the years but I gave this a spin tonight and felt like this really stands above all their modern-day torchbearers
Hassle Bastards (UK) demo EP, shit makes me want to stop what I'm doing and go play music right this second. Punk perfection.

A live band I enjoyed:
INMATES, best USHC band of my lifetime?

Anime I am currently watching:
Terror in Resonance
Key the Metal Idol
Mushishi (again)
My Hero Academia (again)