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Our Crew

SPHC is:
Kamikaze Dan (boss)
Pat (mailorder)

We work real closely in doing North American distribution for these labels from outside the USA. A lot of their releases are typically available for wholesale/trade from us in addition to the usual mailorder:

Cintas Pepe Records (Mexico) (
Laja Records (Brazil) (
Rapadura Discos (Brazil)
4490 Records (Singapore) (
The New Wave of Grave New Beat (Scotland) (
Specific Records (France) (

Beyond just the bands we work with and the labels we cooperate with, which is pretty public and easy accessible information, there's a few key individuals that work behind the scenes to make SPHC the label that it is. Without their constant help and support, this label would struggle. If you need similar services, they have our highest recommendations.

Audio Engineering/Recording/Mastering:
Mike Walls // Audio Esoterica in Baltimore MD

Wes Samples


(amongst others, shout out to Izak)

Scott Archer in Baltimore (best city in the world)

(amongst others, shout out to Kyle)

Celebrated Summer Records in Baltimore MD
We work in very close cooperation with Celebrated Summer, and basically our entire distro is available through the store.

Tour Driving:
Shout out to Dave and Donovan for always taking care of the fam.

Also deserving of recognition for constantly helping us behind the scenes:

General Speech Records

Not Very Nice Records

Rage For All Records