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Archagathus - Baltimore Rehearsal Demo 2016 tape

Image of Archagathus - Baltimore Rehearsal Demo 2016 tape


(Grindfather Productions)

Traded for a nice stack of these out of a sense of hometown pride hahaha. So last year Archagathus came out to Baltimore to begin a short stint with Agathocles (nice combo right?). So Archagathus was crashing at my house for a few days, practicing, partying, getting ready. Man we had a REALLY good time!! I really enjoyed their company, and they sounded great at their rehearsals. And, as you can believe it, they shocked me at the gig, so wild, so much energy, really powerful stuff that made a much deeper impression on me than the records ever did.

While they were in Baltimore, they did a late night recording session that wound up on this tape. For me, it's a really nice memory of my time with these guys. I believe this is basically their set from the tour, captured in the wee hours of the morning after way too much drinking, so.....very mince, very cool.