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Backlash - Realities of Life LP

Image of Backlash - Realities of Life LP


(Tampere Hardcore Coalition, Kamaset Levyt Records)

Fuck, there's too much to say about this record/this band. Lotus Fucker's European touring partners, featuring all-around punk rock hero Seve, one of the coolest and most dedicated guys in the punk world (and also one of the most talented musicians I've ever dealt with, and also one of the most refined and intelligent tastes in music/understanding of punk that I've ever dealt with).

It's no surprise then that Seve's main project Backlash is fuuuucking GREAT. Traditional Japanese hardcore style, but with a really deep and fluent understanding of all the little things that make Japanese hardcore cool. There's a reason this band is considered "Selfish Jr", you know? But also, Seve's just a great songwriter and crafter of riffs, so the songs stand just fine on their own merits regardless of their flawless stylistic character.

I loved this record when it dropped, and after gigging with them and spending time with them, I basically just want to tell the world PUNK IS DANGER. Look for a 7" on SPHC....whenever they finish the layout.