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V/A - Baltimore Uprising comp tape

Image of V/A - Baltimore Uprising comp tape


(Serf's Up)

Comp tape out of Boston that was released to help raise money for Baltimore legal defense funds during the Uprising and Occupation. Very nice of the Serf's Up people, thanks so much for this.

Baltimore represents with Lotus Fucker and Humanmania.
SPHC represents with Sow Threat (Japan) and Gasmask Terror (France).

I am particularly keen on:
Juventud Podrida (Panama brutal crustcore)
Litovsk (French post-punk/goth/anarcho-punk/whatever, basically my favorite band of this style right now)
MassGrave (Canadian crustcore veterans)
Napalm Raid (Canadian crustcore veterans)
Neutron Rats (NY raging hardcore that is basically perfect, secret weapon band of the northeast)
Nightfall (PA crasher crust veterans that are like the most underappreciated band since Aghast)
Sin Nacion (Colombia-via-France hardcore)
Stranger (MA aggressive anarcho-punk/goth/post-punk/whatever, very cool band, wish they had finished the 12" they told me they were going to do)
Zudas Krust (Indonesian raw punk classics)

you may be keen on:
Una Bestia Incontrolable (Spain)
Oi Polloi (Scotland)
Jungbluth (Germany)