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Boom Boom Kid - Musica Sin la Intervencion de Criste LP+flexi

Image of Boom Boom Kid - Musica Sin la Intervencion de Criste LP+flexi



This record is a dream come true for SPHC.

Argentina’s pop-punk legends Boom Boom Kid are one of my top 3 favorite bands of all time. They’ve toured the USA four times now (and the rest of the planet Earth plenty of times too), but have always lacked any meaningful distribution in North America and have never had a substantive, comprehensive vinyl release in the USA until now (no offense intended to the EP on Hysteria that came out a few years back). This LP+flexi is a neat and tidy summation of one of the most unique, compelling, and important South American punk bands, and in our opinion one of the absolute best.

Drawing from each of the six Boom Boom Kid full-lengths, this release runs the gamut of what Boom Boom Kid is capable of, from sweet and beautiful pop-punk to blastbeat-and-breakdown hardcore to acoustic singer/songwriter to beat-oriented bedroom recordings and beyond, from explosive piss raw live recordings to pristine professional studio recordings, from minimalist weirdness to full-on melodic punk rockers and ragers, from classic hits that have been staples of their live shows for over a decade to sleeper hits tucked away in the 50th minute of the Frisbee CD to brand new songs that got their live debut here in America on their recent tour.

This is some of my all-time favorite music ever made, and is such a huge influence on my own bands/art/person, I can’t recommend it enough.