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Chaotic End - Υπόσχεση LP

Image of Chaotic End - Υπόσχεση LP



Bought a big stack of these for us Americans because I didn't get a sense anybody else would distribute this here.

Chaotic End is probably the most quintessential and classic 90's Greek crust band. Their 1993 LP, In Front of Paranoia, is one of the best crust records ever, and has all the trademark stylistic qualities of "Greek crust" that make it such a cool and pleasing little niche of punk. Chaotic End, Panikos, Naytia, Negative Stance, Forgotten Propehcy, etc etc....Greek crust created a plethora of GREAT punk records that I love and adore.

I was surprised to hear they were making a new LP in 2017, and really happy that this record KICKS ASS! If Greek crust is your thing, this record is fucking essential. While Panikos has gotten a bit cleaner and more rocking in their old age, Chaotic End still sounds basically the same. Heavy, epic, dynamic, appropriate balance of mid-tempo heavy cruster chugging and faster parts, lots of powerhouse riffs that recall Axegrinder or Misery, a certain feeling of mystique that can recall Amebix or Neurosis. This is great punk music.