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V/A - Communal Grave #3 comp LP

Image of V/A - Communal Grave #3 comp LP


(Dead Heroes Records)


(A brand-new issue of fast-core/grind/power-violence fanzine fully written in English. Exactly a hundred pages full of insanity, the inties w/SIX BREW BATHA (can), ACxDC (usa), SHEEVA YOGA (czech), HORSE BASTARD (uk), SORDO (usa), SICKMARK (de), THE KILL (au), FISSURE (usa), BLOODY PHOENIX (usa), CAGED GRAVE (au) & CONTROLLED EXISTENCE // TRIGGER tour diary 2014, VEGALITE (the vegan restaurant & alternative space in Brno (czech), hailing of reviews, etc ...

LP features tracks from every interviewed band)