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Daily Ritual/The Stops split 7"

Image of Daily Ritual/The Stops split 7"


(4490 Records, Sabotage Records)

A lovely split between two bands that work together both as similar style bands and close friends.

Daily Ritual is maybe the best punk band in southeast Asia today? Maybe? That's just my opinion, don't mind me. More than just an opinion, a fact, that Hafiz has the golden touch and everything he does is fucking great. Daily Ritual's LP was the best melodic PDX-punk style record of several years and we're pegging on an American pressing on SPHC this year. Then they took Europe by storm, kicking ass and taking names, leaving a deep impression everywhere they went with a powerful live show.

This split 7" continues forward with two new tracks in the same style you want to hear from this band. Melodic PDX-punk like The Observers or The Estranged but...just...BETTER. Better riff-crafting and better songwriting.

We can't stop spinning their side at the shop and you won't be able to either.

The Stops are actually from PDX so of course it makes sense that they play melodic PDX-style punk too. Their execution is a bit more garagey but their songs are equally catchy and powerful.

Awesome split.