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Disrotted/Su19b split tape

Image of Disrotted/Su19b split tape


(Grindfather Records)

European cassette version of this recent split CD between the two leading champs of slow music in 2017.

Disrotted are, in my opinion, the best slow band in the world right now. They bring back memories of Corrupted. No groove. No melody. No comfort. Only darkness. Despair. Discomfort. Just grinding heaviness that slowly rolls over you and flattens you like an industrial steamroller. You can't breathe with all this weight on your eardrums, crushing your head into a sliver. One 30 minute song of blissful torment. I can't get enough of this band!!!

Su19b feature my hardcore family Ryohei on drums and I've ranted about them on this page before. They are a band that, for whatever random reason, I struggle to wrap my brain around. They play an inverted sense of power violence....whereas most bands go fast/slow/fast, Su19b had the fucking genius idea of going slow/fast/slow....and the results are remarkable and never cease to be exciting. Brutal heaviness builds the tension with only brief moments of blast beating release. "Like sharks swimming in a pool, just waiting for the moment", so says the great artist Adam Jennings.