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Droids Blood demo tape

Image of Droids Blood demo tape



So I drove Droids Blood on their recent Midwest tour and I am a fucking convert. I went into it with no expectations or preconceptions and I am now a true believer in the New American Weird. I believe in Scott and his vision and I believe Droids Blood have a fucking INCREDIBLE record in them, and I hope I'm around to play a role in helping that become reality.

So, what sold me so hard? Having a compelling, forward-thinking, evocative style, and having the songs to make that style powerful.

First, style. Droids Blood feels like the fully realized and articulated vision of their prior incarnation Broken Prayer. I felt like Broken Prayer was too trapped in a "hardcore" paradigm, in its own self-expectations about what it wanted to be. Droids Blood, to me, is not a hardcore band. They're not making music on a short/fast/loud scale. Their influences are much more diverse, their sound much more dynamic. This isn't "hardcore with keyboards", this is anxious, paranoid, uncomfortable punk music that fully embraces all its operational parts (vocals, keyboards/electronics, guitar, bass, drums) to create this forward-thinking and evocative style that's unlike anything else I can think of. It's the urgent sounds of an urban capitalist dystopia slowly amassing and absorbing you into its inescapable reach. It's bleak, sarcastic, intelligent, like the only person in the room that sees what's happening to everyone. It's equal parts punk and noise, but not in a "raw punk" way, in an arranged and artful way that doesn't evoke super-energized chaos, but our slow asphyxiation by the insane daily routines we subject ourselves to.

I think people see "keyboards in a punk band" and immediately think this is like, power-pop or synth-punk or any number of awkward or unappealing (to me) type things, but none of that is accurate. Cause this isn't about "keyboards" that hit notes and melodies (that's not a bad thing, see: Xero Fiction), this is about the ability to bring a whole new palette of sounds to the table and add to the wall of sound going on around you.

Anyway, style is just one part of what makes music great, not having the songs to bring your style to life can be limiting, but good for us, Droids Blood has a lot of GREAT songs under their belt even at this early stage. Catchy, memorable, dynamic, at first I thought it was kind of garage-y but then I realized it's too aggressive and noisy to be garage-y. Of course I remember "Rotary Phone" and "To The Stumped Realitymongers" (lol love you Scott) from the live set, these are memorable songs that have cool arrangements and well-written dynamics.

But the true smash hits are "On Trial Years Later" and "Take It With You" which are on the recently released live tape that wasn't ready for the tour so you'll have to holler at the band direct for that. And the new song known only as 'Amebixy' right now is also an absolute scorcher.

Anyway, blah blah blah, I'm a big fan, I'm excited about this band, between Droids Blood and Iron Bars I feel enthusiastic about punk in the USA in 2017.