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Erectile Dementia/Madre Coca split 7"

Image of Erectile Dementia/Madre Coca split 7"


(No Fucking Labels, Backwoods Butcher, etc)

Erectile Dementia is the one-man noisecore project of mad noise scientist Doug Long (Hellnation, Brody's Militia, etc). But the material on this split is less 'noisecore' and more 'grindcore'. A lot more riff, breakdown, and overall musicality in this material than previous releases. But also plenty of straight caveman blastbeats, some idiot playing as fast as he can, and brutal gutteral vocals. Love it.

Madre Coca plays more true-to-form, proper noisecore. Nice raw production, no riffs, no music, just nonstop brutality. "Just a bunch of idiots playing as fast as they can", as they say. The brutality is interspersed with these light-hearted samples from what must have been some comically awkward television shows. Love it.