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Exit Hippies/Aostrapos split 12"

Image of Exit Hippies/Aostrapos split 12"


(Depression Records)

When I was hanging out with Jo2 (New Smell Records boss, Exit Hippies singer), he loaded me up with a metric shitload of records to sell on his behalf in the USA. So please enjoy these crucial and typically hard to come by pieces of noise crust heaven I carried across Japan and over the ocean straight to your loving ears.


So I've had copies of the recent Malaysian tape reissue of this record. Now I've got some copies of the OG 12". Same music, but instead of blasting on your boombox hanging out on the stoop, this is for spinning in your room as you sit in a comfy chair, close your eyes, and let that psyched out noise crust jam dance carry you away.

I already wrote a long-ass description for the tape so I'll keep it short now.
Exit Hippies side is a beautiful live set from 2006 with a good sound, most of their hit songs, and a lot of harsh noises and brutal vocals flailing about.
Aostrapos side is one long jammer that is closer to alien shit than human musical expression. Absolutely one of the best things the Tokyo Sound System/New Smell scene ever produced.


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