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Exit Hippies - Tokyo Sound System Vol. 5 CD

Image of Exit Hippies - Tokyo Sound System Vol. 5 CD


(New Smell Records)

When I was hanging out with Jo2 (New Smell Records boss, Exit Hippies singer), he loaded me up with a metric shitload of records to sell on his behalf in the USA. So please enjoy these crucial and typically hard to come by pieces of noise crust heaven I carried across Japan and over the ocean straight to your loving ears.


Picked up a few more copies of this bizarre CD release. I forgot to ask Jo2 why exactly this is a Tokyo Sound System release even if it's just Exit Hippies. Also why the numbering jumps to 5. I guess I'll probably never know.

In any event, this CD contains the material from the split 12" with Lotus Fucker and most of the songs from the Dance Maniac LP....but not all the songs, the LP has two exclusive tracks.

Sold Out