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Farting Corpse/Waves Crashing Piano Chords split 7"

Image of Farting Corpse/Waves Crashing Piano Chords split 7"



Farting Corpse finally finds their way onto vinyl with their strongest material yet. Quick bursts and blasts of absolute shit noisecore, with all their hallmark elements: Aaron's ridiculously fast and tight blastbeats, the homemade electronic noise instrumentation, and the super-effected toilet gurgle vocals. Love it, adore it, can't get enough of it. I kinda understand that there are loads of bands around the world that try to do a similar thing but nobody can build a world and suck me into it like Farting Corpse can, they are truly GREAT.

On the flip side are upstate NY power electronics/harsh noise guy Waves Crashing Piano Chords. I am not so familiar with this band, just seen the name around. Also I am hardly qualified to intelligently discuss this genre of music. That being said, this strikes me as a somewhat minimalist noise exposition with all the 'edgy' aesthetic and lyricism that the genre is known for. I give it the thumbs up, it's an enjoyable listen.