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Fatum - Time Passes to the Dark LP

Image of Fatum - Time Passes to the Dark LP


(Insane Society Records, Neanderthal Stench Records)

So much great European crust that just goes totally off the radar in the USA, so this time around I traded for fat stacks of killer stuff to distro here.

I've loved Fatum since the first LP, and they just keep getting better and better. Pretty sure they're the best crust band in the world right now, recalling to me the fine-tuned epic songwriting, crushing and grinding heaviness, and bleak atmosphere of 00's classic Filth of Mankind. This is perfect crust music, with a strong rustic production, crazy riffs, and just the right balance of grinding mid-tempo chugging to the occasional fast part.

I know it's summer right now but you'll want this when it's cold out, so stock up now. This is the sound to the cold winter howling at your doorstep as you try to keep your sanity.

Coming Soon