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Final Exit - Middle Aged Stinking Cowboys EP

Image of Final Exit - Middle Aged Stinking Cowboys EP


(Fat Ass Records, The Child With No Name Records)

Final Exit tackles "country western", and that in and of itself makes this an essential release for fans of the band.

But for added convincing, let me just highlight a couple of awesome parts about this record:

1. prettiest song since "May"
2. sickest divebombs on a Final Exit record yet
3. acoustic track, you know you want it
4. all the signature elements of Final Exit in full effect, from comically harsh blasts of pure noise to clean jangly guitars with pop drums
5. cover art features Mr Ex(sh)it, totally iconic punk character that should never be neglected or forgotten

Definitely a must-buy record if you are at all into this band, and even if you're not yet, this is a great starting point.