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Final Exit/Sedem Minút Strachu/Adolf Shitter/Noise Brutalizer comp EP

Image of Final Exit/Sedem Minút Strachu/Adolf Shitter/Noise Brutalizer comp EP


(Underground Pollution Records et al)
(Japan/Czech Republic/France/Indonesia)

4-way split or comp? Pretty sure this is a comp.

Final Exit are one of the best bands ever. They chip in some cool live tracks that show how ridiculously tight they are, and have Hisao's signature "arigato"s between every track. Style-wise, this doesn't have their usual flamboyancy, this is straight-forward noisecore.

SMS contribute a block that sounds perfect, is perfect, this band can do no wrong. Nonstop audio brutality, just a flurry of blastbeats, distorted bass, grunts and howls, no rhyme, no reason, just pure energy channeled into the grooves of a record. GREAT!!! and probably the winners of the comp.

Adolf Shitter throw down some solid, straight-forward noisecore that has this big, air-y sound to it, like it was recorded in a very large room. Just a giant cacophony of noise.

Noise Brutalizer is one I'm not so familiar with, but now I want to be. Harsh noisecore shit with a real dream-like I'm hearing the reverberations through time and space of noisecore happening in another dimension. I'm not really sure what the instrumentation is....maybe vocals, guitar, drum machine, but these sounds are really whacked out and it's kinda impossible to tell. It's really engaging, dynamic, very very cool. Gives SMS a run for their victory on this one.

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