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God's America/Sidetracked split CD

Image of God's America/Sidetracked split CD



Split CD between two of the best west coast power violence bands of the last few years.

One of the benchmarks of power violence is the ability to write slow songs, you know? God's America prove their growth and maturity as a band by throwing down 2 slow songs. One longer track with dynamic instrumentation and pauses that hit the "uncomfortable and despairing" sweet spot between "part of the groove" and "boring", really great heavy shit. And one really short one that comes and goes awfully quickly for such a slow tempo.

Sidetracked have been pumping out power violence in the vein of No Comment for a pretty long time now, and while their discography is already large, this month they've unleashed just a shitload of new releases. Jay mentioned to me that this release was supposed to be more 'mid-tempo' and I suppose that could be true, but really, it sounds mid-tempo in the way those No Comment mid-tempo songs were mid-tempo, you know? Just because it's not blastbeats doesn't mean it's not fast. And Sidetracked keep all the intensely tight stop/starts and quick arrangements that this style is known for. Great shit!