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Gowl - On Our Feet or On Our Knees tape

Image of Gowl - On Our Feet or On Our Knees tape


(Tru Freak)

Promo tape version of the upcoming Gowl 10", limited to 50 copies. Maybe this sounds bad but I always think of Gowl as a live band. I dig the 7"s but actually seeing these guys play the songs is what really brings it all to life. Seth specifically but also just as a unit, they have a super imposing and powerful presence about them. There's not any posturing and there's not any dramatics, the power comes from within, just from their cohesion as a unit, their sincerity as a unit, the way they channel their emotions in a pure form. The records are good but they haven't really captured the heaviness and intimidating fury of their live show.

This 10" recording is their strongest material yet and fits nicely in-line with their previous records. Grindcore that flirts with old-school death metal and when the blastbeats hit, it kinda mushes together into this brutal noisecore-esque mass of sonic destruction. To me, really tasteful and well-constructed shit, similar to me as God's America insofar as it draws from a lot of different influences to create something that's at once immediately recognizable but also unique and full of personality.

Maximum respect because this band has been holding it down in CT for a long time, making punk happen, doing everything the right way (as I see it)....great band, get the tape for your summer windows-down cruising and when the winter hits, get the 10" version for all your housewarming needs.