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Hapea - Ei Sota Yhtä Miestä Kaipaa... ...Siviilielämä Varsinkaan EP

Image of Hapea - Ei Sota Yhtä Miestä Kaipaa... ...Siviilielämä Varsinkaan EP


(Tampere Hardcore Coalition, Urealis-Tuotanto, Lärvilevyt)

Welcome to the new generation of Finnish hardcore!! In a scene dominated by old dudes and veteran bands, Hapea are a breath of fresh air, younger dudes in a new band that just absolutely kicks ass, playing a brand of hardcore that is unmistakably and traditionally Finnish yet doesn't obviously copy anybody.

Lotus Fucker played with this band on our Scandinavian tour with Backlash and Kuroishi and man, this band really impressed me, totally wild and crazy shit in just the way I like. Real dudes playing real hardcore music, no fashion, no pose, no bullshit, just genuine love for the game and the craft of punk. They have the frantic deranged vocals and off-kilter riffing that's characteristic of Finnish hardcore, but with high-charge drums and a fucking disgusting noised out guitar tone. Can't get enough of this shit.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RECORD!!!!!! Records like this are why I'm still excited about punk in 2017.

Look for a European tour with Backlash soon!
and more records a little later!
Can't wait!!

NOTE: I'm handling US distro for this so bring on your wholesale orders and trades.