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Human Gas - self-titled LP

Image of Human Gas - self-titled LP



Now I'm not normally one to sell a bootleg but I got a nice hookup on these and bought a bunch for the store and wound up with some extra that I'll put on here.

Human Gas lay in total obscurity for many years until a collectors frenzy and trendster bonanza brought them to acclaim and eventual bootleg. This bootleg contains all their demo tapes and their fabled split 7" with Stali Nism, in a pretty reasonable bootleg package that adequately documents this band for everybody that wants to be hip to this shit.

Human Gas play what I kinda generically call "Japanese flexi hardcore". Think Deadless Muss, So What, Kyojinbyo, Ikka Shinjyuu, Kuro, etc etc (and before one of my human-encyclopedia friends claims this is not a real thing and none of these bands sound the same, just bear with me). That sort of bouncing straight-forward drumming, bouncing fuzzy bass, raw guitars with the occasional wicked solo, and totally ballistic frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic vocals with a tad bit of recording distortion. Some catchy songs, some raging songs, the UK82 influence is clear but they've made it more raw and more aggressive, more intense.

I love this style myself, always enjoyed the Human Gas - Explosives demo tape since I heard it in college, wish this was a legit reissue but I'm sure a lot of the world is happy to take what they can get.