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Industrial Holocaust/Reeking Cross split tape

Image of Industrial Holocaust/Reeking Cross split tape


(Septic Aroma of Reeking Stench Records, Septik Brain Records)

Industrial Holocaust side is a recent live recording that just proves that the records are no lie, this band actually is that brutal, Rivelino really can play drums that fast, and I'm guessing based on all the talking between songs (that I can't understand cause I'm ignorant and don't speak Portuguese), they really are that political. One of the best bands ever. Good recording quality too.

Reeking Cross are just pumping out the jams recently and I think this is some of my favorite material by them. It's not stylistically different at all, it's the same grindcore/noisegrind as usual, but the recording just sits better, it feels more noisy and full in a good way. Features Jake, the best drummer in the eastern half of the USA.