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Iron Bars demo tape

Image of Iron Bars demo tape



There's something to be said for bands that bring people into the fold, that expose them to new things. Throughout my adult life, the vast majority of my bands have included people that are new to their instruments or new to playing in bands. That's a conscious decision on my part, I just love this dynamic, of being able to bring people into the fold, help people find a creative and constructive outlet, expose people to this art form that means so much to me, and of course I know that playing with a reasonable drummer is invaluable to getting good at a stringed instrument and I'm happy to play that roll for my friends.

But there's something else to be said for just leaving seasoned veterans alone and letting them do what they do best. When there's nobody holding you back and you can just push yourself to the limits without any shortcomings. When you have the vision, and you know how to get there, and you have all the tools you need to reach it, and you do reach it and it is glorious and beautiful.

And this Iron Bars demo is glorious and beautiful. For me, this is the best demo tape of 2017.

Two seasoned veterans playing the sort of perfect hardcore punk music that is immediately reminiscent of Clevo-style (Nine Shocks Terror, Inmates, etc) but without being an obvious rip-off or genre exercise, this sounds like they were listening to all the same USHC and Japanese hardcore records as Nine Shocks Terror and reached the same conclusions and destinations on their own terms, just by coincidence.

Throw it all in an immediately compelling and resonating aesthetic and I think this is absolutely perfect and I'm already begging them to do a record on SPHC.