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Kalte Lust - self-titled EP

Image of Kalte Lust - self-titled EP


(Destructure Records)

Newest 7" single by France's premiere post-punk band (although maybe I'd give that title to Litovsk now, I dunno). Features some of my hardcore brothers from Gasmask Terror.

Two songs of goth/post-punk/whatever that come a lot closer to recalling Dead Can Dance than any punk band. Really well articulated rhythm, intricate tom work and lots of extra instrumentation and flourishes, cool guitar parts and atmospheric synth lurking in the background, and really strong singing. While bands like Litovsk and Past really bring a lot of exciting punk energy that this style can sometimes lack, Kalte Lust expand the sonic palette way beyond what the punk scene might otherwise provide to create some really incredible, emotional, evocative, complex music.

Highly recommended for fans of this genre, it doesn't get much better than this.