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Life/Instinct of Survival split 7"

Image of Life/Instinct of Survival split 7"


(Static Age Records, Desolate Records)

Arguably the best punk 7" of last year.

Life are one of the all-time greats of raw punk, they have a signature sound that is in full effect here. Totally blazing and out of control d-beat mania, drawing from Scandi speedsters like Mob 47, but with a metal undertone and more complex arrangements that make for super interesting songs. Their side is probably their best material in many years.

Instinct of Survival has undergone a lot of growth over the years but their records don't always get good USA distribution so I'm not always sure what they're up to at a given time. I did think North of Nowhere LP was among the best crust records of recent times, and I'm really happy that their side is real fucking crust of the highest merits and is totally in-line with that LP. Steamrolling heavy shit, for individuals that insist on wearing heavy boots and dirty leather even in the summer. Their side might even be better than Life's!