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Παροξυσμός - Σἠψη Γενεών LP

Image of Παροξυσμός - Σἠψη Γενεών LP


(Scarecrow Records, Septic Aroma of Reeking Stench Records, Autistic Society System Records)

Another Greek crust banger that received no American distribution whatsoever, so I traded for a nice stack of copies for all the freaks like me that need this shit.

Paroxysmos started as a one-man recording project in Athens Greece, and has released a few demos and 7"s over the years. This is their first full album and first release with a full line-up. Heavy duty crust shit, with all the mid-tempo pounding drums and desperate chugging riffs you'd want, but this LP sees a far more pronounced thrash and hardcore influence, with more streamlined songwriting and a lot of raging blastbeat parts.

Sold Out