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Napalm Death is Dead/Shitnoise Bastards split tape

Image of Napalm Death is Dead/Shitnoise Bastards split tape


(No Fucking Labels)

Split tape between two of the hottest bands in the game right now.

Napalm Death is Dead is one of the main projects of Ucchy, fucking noise genius. Bass and drums noisecore, this tape is centered around tons of short nonmusical blasts and a longer piece of harsh noise. In the business, we call this "the cream of the crop", but you may call this "some fucking garbage, they aren't even playing songs, also Napalm Death is still a band wtf", and I don't really know if you're wrong or not. Look out for new split 7" coming on SPHC earlier next year.

Shitnoise Bastards are the best Malaysian grind band....ever? my opinion. They've filled the entire planet with an endless stream of split tapes, and this ranks as some of their stronger material. Straight-forward raw grindcore/noisecore of the highest quality and merit. Look out for an EP coming on SPHC later this year.