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Napalm Death is Dead/Spacegrinder/Cunts/Sedem Minut Strachu comp tape

Image of Napalm Death is Dead/Spacegrinder/Cunts/Sedem Minut Strachu comp tape



Are four bands a comp or a long split? I think it's a comp.

Released for their Euro tour together, this comp highlights 4 of the absolute best noisecore bands in the world. Four bands that, for me, can do no wrong.

Napalm Death is Dead feature Ucchy, one of the great sonic artists of our time. Everything this man touches is gold. NDID play bass/drums/vocals noisecore, brimming with personality and class in a manner that few other bands can match. Everything they do, I'm sucked into their world, and even if I could escape, I wouldn't want to. Their material on here is a long-winded jam session that climaxes in a flurry of brutal start/stop stick-clicks noisecore. Look forward to their upcoming split 7" on SPHC.

Spacegrinder is the best band you don't know about. One man against the world. To me, it's like Globsters, but Japanese not American. I suppose one could say this is more "harsh noise" than "noisecore", but to me, the attitude and momentum put this in the "noisecore" realm. This isn't some orchestrated, constructed piece of work, this is just total noise insanity as a background to one man's physical expression of his fighting spirit. Really excited for the LP on SPHC, whenever it actually happens.

Cunts, another Ucchy masterpiece project, arguably the best band in the world today, just drums and vocals noisecore that now everyone is trying to imitate but nobody can duplicate. They have the best material on this tape, in my opinion. They can do no wrong. Explosive, nonstop, brutal and harsh, full of personality and character.....there's nobody else like them.

Sedem Minut Strachu is maybe the best noisecore band in Europe right now? I think? Probably? I don't know who else it could be? Two bass and drums, powerhouse sonic obliteration. A fucking cacophony unlike any other, a sprawling mess of anti-musical extremity. This is noisecore.