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New York Against the Belzebu/Sore Throat split CD

Image of New York Against the Belzebu/Sore Throat split CD


(Power It Up Records)

Stock copies of this old CD release.

NYAB are classic Brazilian noisecore, and this CD (surprisingly?) features some of my favorite material from them. All the trademarks of their later style: the goofy instrumentation, the kinda dynamic musicality underneath the quick blasts of top-tier noisecore. This band definitely has some classics under their belt and this material stands with the best of it. Cool band. Who else was making Brazilian pressings of Meatshits records in the mid-90's, you know? These guys were pioneers and essential in creating the Brazilian noisecore/grind scene as it is today. New split 7" on SPHC coming soon.

Sore Throat stuff on here is from their later period, when they were practically a harsh noise group with drum machine and vocals somewhere in there. I never really understood why they came back in this context in the early 00's, but then, there are many things I don't understand in this world.