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Norms - self-titled EP

Image of Norms - self-titled EP


(Permaculture Records)

Norms caught my attention with their recent MRR interview, which lead me to checking out their music on the internet, which lead to me writing them and asking to trade for some copies of their 7", which lead to us having some fulfilling dialogue and maybe I will release their LP now. But more on that later.

Right now, let's talk about this 7". Norms, for me, represents a lot of the qualities I associate with an 'eastern European' sound. The anxiety, the nervousness, the discomfort and fidgety aggression. The cold nihilism and bleak outlook. Put that together with a nice raw production and tight musicianship with a lot of dissonance and feedback worship, and we've got a winner.

Norms namecheck bands like Die Kreuzen and Void, which makes sense to me, but I don't think they are as specifically USHC as these bands. They namecheck Born Against, and I think this is most accurate. They have a lot of the stylistic elements we associate with 90's hardcore, but it sounds fresh and relevant. For me, I am immediately reminded of other overlooked bands from this part of the world....The Public, Idiot's Parade, early See You in Hell, with their penchant for really spazztic arrangements and obscure song structures. But unlike the embarrassingly overemotional outbursts of comparable American bands, there's an attitude of frustration, a quick oscillation between nihilistic apathy and passionate anger.

Anyway, this band is great, and in the globalized world of 2017 where everyone wants to sound like they're from anywhere except where they're from, I'm happy to hear a sort of 'regional sounding' band.

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