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Past - Czarno/Biala LP

Image of Past - Czarno/Biala LP


(Contraszt Records, P Trash Records, etc)

Traded for a stack of these because I don't think anybody else will distribute this in the USA.

I think, by now, the goth/post-punk/whatever trend in the USA is more or less done. Like all trends, a lot of these bands were not good, a couple really were and made some terrific records (Rule of Thirds), a couple just stand above and beyond the trend (Deathcharge). The aftermath of every trend is kinda the same, the style will now enter the modern punk lexicon into the indefinite future, so now there's just plenty of bands playing this sort of music.

I have always maintained that European bands play this style better than American bands. I can't really remember an American record of this style that really captured my interest, but a bunch of Euro ones from the last couple years (Pandemia LP out of Greece, Litovsk LP out of France immediately come to mind) really knocked my ass out, with cool riffs, energetic records, and recordings that never sound awkward or forced as some of these bands sound to me.

Along these lines, let me recommend to you Past, from Poland. I had never even heard of this band until I heard it on a post-punk/goth/whatever mix that an acquaintance in Rio was playing while we were all hanging out on the Sete Star Sept/Lotus Fucker Brazil tour. Their track immediately caught my attention. What the hell was this?? It's fucking AWESOME. I jotted down the name and was enthralled with the demo 7" that was floating around at that time. And now I am equally content with this new LP.

Past play this sort of dark, cold yet emotional post-punk/goth/neo-wave/whatever the fuck people call this sort of music, they just have cool riffs, skillful vocals, a great recording. Just a great record in this genre.

What the hell do people call this kind of music? Can someone tell me?