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Piñén - Vida EP

Image of Piñén - Vida EP



Picked up a few of these while I was in Europe with Sacrificio.

Just as punk music pulls a lot of different sounds and styles under its umbrella, so does it pull a lot of different feelings. I listen to Japanese hardcore, I feel its fighting spirit. I listen to raw punk, I feel its chaotic liveliness. And I listen to a band like Piñén, I feel what Jan and I described as a "punk soul".

Bands like Otan, Firmeza 10, Hondartzako Hondakinak, Piñén, make art that just feels so inherently and perfectly "punk". To make music that's simple and straight-forward yet tasteful and informed, that's perfectly balanced between the political and the personal, records constructed and executed with a personal touch that communicates the feeling and the meaning behind the music. Everything done DIY, everything done as individuals, everything done from the heart, the brain, and the gut.

This is perfect punk music.

Piñén play straight-forward hardcore punk with all the rage, energy, and passion that these two wonderful individuals can muster. If you dig this sort of lo-fi simple Spanish//European hardcore the way I do, this will surely be one of your top records of the year.