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Pinku Saido - Poketto LP

Image of Pinku Saido - Poketto LP


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Debut LP by these French melody masters that feature some of my hardcore family from Coche Bomba, and also features show-stopping art by the always amazing Ivan Brun.

Pinku Saido play the sort of mid-tempo, melodic but not poppy, gruff but not tough PUNK music that I think a lot of bands attempt but few bands manage to master. The Malokio LP is a great record along these lines, recalling bands like Burning Kitchen, Signal Lost, etc. This Pinku Saido LP is also a very strong contribution to this idea, the music is a bit more catchy and poppy than these peer bands but the vocals retain a lot of grit and aggression that clinches everything, makes for a very energetic recording.

I believe they're already in the middle of a large China/Japan tour, so maybe we'll get lucky and they'll hit the USA next? Maybe? Pretty please?