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Private Scandal issue 2 zine

Image of Private Scandal issue 2 zine



In today's internet age, so often we believe that everything in punk has been culturally digested, we already know just about everything there is to know, all the secrets have been brought to light, there are no more unturned stones, hell even Sit and Spin Records store in Philadelphia PA was selling a So What - Blood Wash the Dead City EP so what else is there really to discover?

Enter Private Scandal, the historical documentation of Kyushu and Chiba punk obscurities by the foremost Western expert in the topic, Connor Dobson. This issue focuses on Slicks in particular and 90's Kyushu punk in general, as well as a brief interview with current Tokyo band The Tits. I am a fucking philistine so this is all 100% new shit to me, but I'm frothing at the mouth to hear it all.

Connor's academic yet conversational style of writing puts all the information you'd want to know in an easily digestable format, throw in some pictures, some interviews, some reviews, and you've got a well-rounded snapshot of these people at this time and place.

Now excuse me, I've got some research to do.