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Skizophrenia - Single Ticket to Demo-lition LP

Image of Skizophrenia - Single Ticket to Demo-lition LP


(Kick Rock Records)

Euro press of this complete collection 12" for one of Japan's most beloved young bands. Features the split 7" with Vaaska, all 3 EPs, and the demo tape.

I am just some dorkus in America but I'd say Skizophrenia is one of the flagship bands of the younger Japanese 'raw punk' scene. I have a lot of respect for them, cause I can see they're organizing tours, releasing records, touring abroad, all with an attitude and style that I can vibe with. Really cool band.

They play a sort of raw PUNK, not influenced by d-beat or noise or crasher or crust or anything like that, just real simple, tuneful, catchy, high-charge PUNK that explodes with energy and attitude. The raw production gives this an ideal PUNK aesthetic/vibe, while never becoming too noisy as to mask the song underneath. They do a great job of replicating the chaos and vibrancy of classic Euro punk (think countries like Finland and Germany that knew how to make PUNK, not just hardcore), and I kinda figured they've inspired many other bands in their wake to play in a similar vein.

This is some of the best punk music of the last few years, so if you weren't keeping up since the first 7", do yourself a favor and get it all at once real easy.