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Shitnoise Bastards/Congenital Haemorrhoids split tape

Image of Shitnoise Bastards/Congenital Haemorrhoids split tape


(Straineyes Productions)

Cool split right here, totally unexpected on my end, released for Spacegrinder/Congenital Haemorrhoids southeast Asian tour (and man what I would have given to see that shit! Go Kamei go!!!! alas I was in Japan with Thisclose at that close yet so far away...).

Both sides are live recordings of totally reasonable quality.

SNB side is a straight noisecore jam featuring a lot of guest musicians, mmmm I remember Hazree told me who they jammed with but I can't remember off the top of my head, was a Euro grind band on tour in SEA. Anyway it's very cool, this is the meaning of "network of friends" and this kind of stuff is part of why noisecore is so cool. Can't ask for much more in life than to make noise with your friends.

I'm posing out with CH, I know who they are and have heard them in passing via friends but I actually don't own any of their releases and am relatively unfamiliar with them. Their side here is some crazy nonsensical jams with screeching vocals.