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Sete Star Sept/Industrial Holocaust split tape

Image of Sete Star Sept/Industrial Holocaust split tape


(Bringer of Gore Records)

You know, I was there when this tape was recorded (Sao Caos Fest 2015), so I already know that it's fucking great.

Sete Star Sept was on fire, like always. They always rise to the occasion, and this was a big occasion. The best in the game.

Industrial Holocaust was a beautiful thing. They are just divine, like the clouds parted and a little beam of heaven shown down upon us unworthy slimeballs. Their particular brand of noisecore draws a really wonderful middle-point of cool hardcore sensibilities and cool 80's metal foundations. They were tight, powerful, cool, and raging as fuck. One of the best grind bands ever.

Having this night on tape brings back a lot of happy memories for me. =)