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V/A - Bad Smell Gradation CD

Image of V/A - Bad Smell Gradation CD


(New Smell Records)

When I was hanging out with Jo2 (New Smell Records boss, Exit Hippies singer), he loaded me up with a metric shitload of records to sell on his behalf in the USA. So please enjoy these crucial and typically hard to come by pieces of noise crust heaven I carried across Japan and over the ocean straight to your loving ears.


Got a few copies of this super obscure compilation CD Jo2 released years ago. Features exclusive tracks from DJ Ray (aka Ray from Exit Hippies), DJ Discharge (aka singer of Abraham Cross), Chapmans (aka Jo2 from Exit Hippies), Takaaki Itoh (famous DJ in his own right), and DJ Sugar (not totally sure who this is). Combined, this 2xCD really covers the whole dance music spectrum....from house to minimalist to ambient to hardcore. I don't know enough about dance music to really talk intelligently about this stuff, but I know that I like it.

Also, if you want to see a Chapmans 12" single on SPHC, raise your hand.
*raises hand*

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