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VxNx/ゆれつずける split tape, VxNx/Renounce Authority split tape


(Japan/Japan, Japan/Germany)

Because I am some dumb guy, I forgot I had some other stuff to sell from my trip to Japan with Thisclose lol.

VxNx are some young dudes from Tokyo that play fast hardcore in the tradition of Hellnation or Yacopsae. Totally balls-to-the-wall energy, absolute speed and harshness, but with the occasional bouncing rock/pop riff mixed in there to keep things fun and exciting. GREAT shit!!!! They played the SPHC Records gig in Tokyo with Illya, Cunts, and Sun Children Sun, and man it was a real pleasure to see them and meet them. I suppose Japan has a good tradition of these bands (see: 625 Records) but VxNx are a lot faster and more harsh than a band like Lie or Crucial Section, I like it much more.

I brought back a couple copies of two split tapes, one with ゆれつずける and one with Renounce Authority.

ゆれつずける thank all my friends in their insert so I know they are fucking cool. They play some raw noisecore madness, real filthy recording and classic style. Great shit!!! And I highly recommend this split in particular.

Renounce Authority hail from Germany and play some proper raw grindcore, fucking classic style and very well executed. Actually, I highly recommend this split too.

If you are like me, you live in America and you're very bored by the current trends of *not* playing as fast as you can at every moment (wtf is up with that shit), breathe a sigh of relief, get these tapes, get hip to some cool hardcore shit that'll bring your blood back to a boil.