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Want List


1. Xenofobia EP (Mexico) and Lixomania EP (Brazil)
2. Tetsu Array first LP (Japan)
3. Mornington Crescent EP (Netherlands)
4. State Children flexi (Japan)
5. Gism - Detestation LP (Japan)

...Top 10 Polish/Yugoslavian/Russian wants:

1. Rejestracja - Klub Morski sessions
2. Tass - any recordings
3. Dezerter - Blasfemia LP
4. Siekiera - Jest Bezpiecznie EP
5. Kryzys - Centrala EP
6. Grazhdanskaya Oborona vinyl
7. Egor I Opizdanevshiye - both 2xLPs
8. Pekinska Patka - Plitka Poezija LP
9. Mongol Shuudan - early CDs
10. OG Deadlock LP

...Top 10 wants of Japan:

1. Tetsu Array first LP
2. State Children - Bomb Shelter For Money Making flexi EP
3. Gism - Detestation LP
4. odds and ends I still need OGs of: LipCream - Nine Shocking Terror LP, Systematic Death flexi and Step EP, Death Side - Satisfy the Instinct EP, Warhead - The Lost Self and the Beating Heart EP
5. Execute flexi
6. Ikka Shinjyuu - Slow Down EP and Dead Section EP flexi
7. Typhus flexi and the Stalin - Trash LP
8. some obscure flexis: Janky - self-titled flexi, Inzest - Another Religion, Another War flexi, Tranquilizer first flexi, SHA London - Short Cut to Hell flexi, Jigoku Manjyu - self-titled flexi. SCUM flexi
9. lots of random CDs: SAAG - self-titled CD, Backbone - Yooini Hitonoini Kussuruna Onoreno Shinnenni Chuujitudeare CD and Inochi No Ato CD, Rancid Cocks - Hang Over CD, struggle for pride split CDs
10. Jyuden Sochi - Voice of Fight 8" and Deadline flexi, Chicken Bowels EP, Googol Plex EP

...Top 20 wants of the rest of the world:

1. Xenofobia - Muerte en America EP (Mexico), Mornington Crescent EP (Netherlands), Lixomania EP (Brazil)
2. all 90's Colombian stuff I'm missing (Fertil Miseria - Cadenas EP, Rasix/Sociedad Violenta split EP, Restos de Tragedia EPs)
3. all other classic Greek punk I'm missing (Disturbing the Peace comp LP [Enigma Records 2], Antidrasi first EP, Pissa & Poupoula - self-titled LP, Rigma LP, Stateless in the Universe/Knallkopf split LP)
4. Mexican necessities: Herejia - Insurreccion LP, V/A - Rock de Nacional Vol. II LP
5. Leatherface - Smokey Joe LP, Broccoli and Hooton 3 Car records (England)
6. Declino/Negazione split LP (Italy)
7. Totalitar (Sweden) - all records I'm missing (Multinationella Mördare EP, Dom Lurar Oss EP, Allting är på låtsas EP)
8. Cider first EP (USA)
9. V/A - Na Eller Aldri EP, Life....But How to Live It? - Ugly LP, Akutt Innleggelse EP, OG Betong Hysteria EP, Process/Stengte Dorer split 7" (Norway)
10. Swedish needs: Absurd - Blodig Stag EP, second Disarm EP, Shitlickers EP, Asta Kask - En Tyst Minut EP, SOD - self-titled EP, Sotlimpa EP, EATER EP, Anti-Cimex EPs
11.Finnish desires: the Stalin - Chaos EP,  both Rutto EPs, Terveet Kadet OGs, Nolla Nolla Nolla LP and EP, Lama OGs
12. Hitler SS/Tampax split EP (Italy)
13. BGK first LP (Netherlands)
14. Neos - End All Discrimination EP (Canada)
15. German needs: Saukerle (aka Schleim Keim)/Zwitschermaschine - DDR von unten/eNDe split LP, Vorkriegsjugend - Heute Spass Morgen Tod 2xEP, Vorkriegsphase EP, OHL early LPs, Upright Citizens - Make the Future Mine and Yours LP, Beton Combo - Sound LTD EP, Slime - Wir wollen keine bullen schweine EP, Yacopsae records I'm missing
16. SSD - The Kids Will Have Their Say LP
17. later Olho Seco stuff (Brazil)
18. EUs Arse, Rappresaglia OGs, Soglia Del Dolore 7", Nerogasmo 7", Chain Reaction EP, Stinky Rats LP, Stigmathe EPs (Italy)

More recent odds and ends:

Marked Men - I Can't Be Good EP (USA)
Drunken Boat - Turn It EP (USA)
Aerosols - first three EPs (USA)
Religious War - self-titled EP (USA)
Kakka Hata 77 - Ei tää lama päähän käy EP (Finland)
Brain Handle - first 7" and Baseball/Trapped in a Toilet EP (USA)

And I am always on the prowl for random noisecore odds and ends: 7 Minutes of Nausea, Anal Massaker, Deche-Charge, Final Exit, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Minch, Nikudorei, Noise, Tumor.....and some random Warsore records I still need!