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September 2019:

Okay, getting the new website ready by September...."so that was a fucking lie" lol. It's nowhere near done. Actually I won't spend any time on this so I can spend some more time on that.

On the plus side, seeing Navel twice on their tour has me feeling like I'm walking on clouds for the time being. They were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I didn't know I'd been underrating them for all these years. When I was younger, I thought, 'oh it's like Snuff/Guns'n'Wankers, but MORE'. Now I understand, that is incorrect. It's Tomi's love for 90's UK pop-punk (the same shit I love so much) with Taku's crazy wild and loose style from his sense of shit-fi hardcore (the same shit I love so much)....and the end result is coincidentally a bit like Snuff (because of how it blends speed and melody) but it's actually a kinda complex melding of styles into something really fascinating and unique. The complex guitar work, the heavy drumming....and I don't want to underrate Tohata on bass because he's super skilled and after talking about bands like Accidente, 1981 (the same shit I love so much) I totally understand his angle here and how much he adds to the mix. The glue that keeps everything together, because of Tomi's more abstract style of guitar work.....

Well, I've gained an entirely new dimension of appreciation for this band that's meant so much to me for so long. And I'm really pleased I was able to get this. I didn't know that they were so obscure in the USA. But I hope everyone can get hip to this shit.

Oh about the label. 
Osmantikos LP is done, I just need to get it up for sale. I hope to do that next weekend. I'll send out a big e-mail when it goes up. My Kaaos LPs seem to be lost in the mail....I'm pretty sour about that. I'm kinda waiting to see if they turn up. Also don't know where my Loose Nukes EPs are either. wtf is up with that.

Next: Kuroishi LP and Illya LP. Arguably the best SPHC releases yet. Really intense statements of punk fighting spirit. I haven't stopped listening to these records for months.
And.....too much other shit to even discuss.

But some people e-mailed me about preordering Kuroishi and Illya records. Sorry, I try to avoid doing preorders because I know making records is a fucking chaotic process and I don't want to get stuck in a situation where I take people's money and then take forever to mail something and people get irritated even if it's not my fault. I did it once years ago and it was a little bit of a I won't do it again.

But for sure these records will be easily available once they drop so please don't stress about it.