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January 2019:


From Sao Paulo to Seattle, Minneapolis to Montreal, New York to Los Angeles, Winnipeg to Wawa, I've been all over the place for the last few months, and yesterday I finally returned home. Big THANK YOU to all my incredible hosts and travel partners, and the many many fucking cool people I've met along the way. I'm back in Baltimore for a few months and even though, as a lot of people know, I am in a state of total chaos right now, the gears of punk continue to grind in my life.

The big webstore update will hit on Saturday morning. All outstanding mail/orders/trades/etc will get mailed on Saturday. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

New release info is already leaking out but I don't want to announce anything on here until I know exactly what's happening in what order. We got a couple different pans on the fryer right now so we'll see what comes together first.



Part 2:

I've been doing a distro based almost entirely on trading for 9 years and I've never put it online.

I think in the 2010s, that makes SPHC an irregular operation. I've had people asking me about ordering distro stuff online for years, and I've always avoided this situation. I've focused only on in-person sales and funneling records through my friends' shops, as a conscious business decision.

I realized early on that I will never have the vast selection and keeping-up-with-the-Joneses updates of stock, the lightening fast turnaround time, or the overall professionalism of "real" mailorder operations like Sorry State, Feel It, Grave Mistake, etc. I didn't see any point in even trying to compete; plenty of other people have the online market covered, better than I'll ever do. I didn't even have a website until I was over 10 releases into SPHC. 

I also realized early on that, for a variety of reasons dictated by "common sense" but that I more or less disagree with, there was a huge market gap for a touring distro. This practice was common when I was a little kid, and I always had a deep appreciation for it, but was basically not happening by the time I was getting into the groove of driving tours. I'm pretty sure I was the only touring distro in the northeast for a sizable stretch of time, and I'd hit punk shops at every stop to hustle my releases. Like it was 1993.....only it was 2013, so the novelty value of my operation was high and that definitely helped business.

This is still my preferred way of doing business. After so many years, sitting behind a table slinging records became my natural state of engaging with a DIY punk show. I love sitting around, people-watching, chatting with people about records, getting punk out into the world. The community aspect, the punk aspect. I don't really know what to do with myself if I'm not selling stuff.

By comparison, selling stuff online feels kinda lifeless. Although occasionally I am treated to a sweet e-mail chatting about records (hi Simon!!!!), it mostly feels like "doing business" rather than "punk happening".

aaaaaaaaand with all that being said, now I've max'd out the number of items in my online store LOL.

The label is moving into a smaller space and I need to downsize and consolidate. First step, put my distro online and try to get records out the door. 

At the moment, I've got maybe 40%-50% of my distro stuff on the webstore. We'll be cycling through stock routinely, new listings coming in as old listings go out. Right now, it's mostly hardcore stuff.....we got tons of grind and some proper punk stuff to put up, as opportunity permits.

One final note, I've always sold everything for dirt cheap because I don't want to deal with making change, and because I just love selling punk shit for punk prices and I get genuinely perturbed at the idea of selling new punk records for "a high price", even when those prices are reasonable and reflective of cost and there's nothing wrong with them. This mentality is why all my releases are always uniformly cheap.
But there's no way that I can continue that practice online. It results in me undercutting everyone that was kind enough to trade with me, in a worldwide market everyone has access to....frankly, it's rude. So, I did my best to price everything just a tad marked up from whatever the label's selling it for.
But locals can still come over and get stuff for the usual prices at your leisure, just text me.

Oh and along those lines, the shipping prices are kinda kerjanky on here and are not ideal for larger international orders. Obviously I'm aware and I am diligent in spotting and refunding overcharges, but always, if you want to skip that process, e-mail me at and we can sort out a purchase with a specific postage quote outside the BigCartel system.