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September 2018:


I was at the shop on Saturday, chilling with Tony, and we were trying to come up with what current punk releases had made an impression on us. Well, you know, I am still amassing records like a lunatic because I have no self control when it comes to collecting.....I love the Protes Bengt LP, Suss Law LP, Silent Era LP, Vile Gash LP, do these count as current releases?.....but the truth is, I have entered another "anime music phase", anime OSTs and theme songs rule my life, same as that phase in college where I listened to nothing but anime theme songs on self-made mix CD-Rs for several months (and then somehow the Nekromantiker guys pulled them out of nowhere in my room at Barclay House and we listened to them again on their tour, sick!).

Most of that is just because anime kinda takes up more emotional and mental space for me now than punk does. I feel really invested in my weekly anime night with my crew, and now I go with everybody to conventions and movie premiers and shit. I spend a lot of my time watching this shit, talking about it, studying commentary and interviews and shit, and I get a lot out of it; Hajime No Ippo inspired me to double my exercise routine, for example (and I can't really believe it but it almost looks like I'm losing weight). Compare that to going to see Sissy Spacek the other night, and like, they were good, but also, I've seen them better, I've seen a bajillion fucking bands all over the world that were better, and that's not a slight at them at all because I am a fan and they are a great band, it's a reflection of me and my current sense of.....feeling jaded, feeling like I've already seen it and done it and it's lacking the same impact now that I've gone through the motions so many times.

I guess that's just a natural part of growing up. And I also guess, you know, it's a phase, it's a temporary feeling that has come and will go. I still love punk more than anything ever, that'll never change, and even if I have periods where I get way into anime music, or way into rap/hip-hop, or way into noise/experimental, or way into.....whatever it is that occupies my attention for a fleeting moment, punk will always and forever be the gentle landscape that my life is lived through.

To bring it full circle, there was a moment in this season of My Hero Academia, when Nana tells All Might, "when you're past your limit, just remember your origin", and that resonated with me. The feelings I had 12 years ago, when I started SPHC, still burn within me. The vision I had, I can still see it. The urgency, it still pumps through my veins. I can still remember all the reasons I started doing the things I do and fundamentally, they haven't changed, and they never will.

Oh also if you actually want relevant label news, the Iron Bars LP and Globsters LP will be out at the end of the month, No Blues EP in mid-October, Dirty Wombs LP in late October, Anal Butt new tapes in December.
*fingers crossed*