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April 2018:


I feel like I'm hitting a nice arbitrary value of longevity with the label and I thought that it might be kind of interesting to take a peak behind the curtains and see what bands/releases have been the most successful.
Based on these numbers, I'm actually going to deem SPHC-35: Terveet Kadet - Piinaavanautinto EP as the most successful SPHC release, being in the Top 10 Best Sellers, Top 10 Most Downloads, and my own personal Top 10 Best Releases.

So here are the top 10 best selling releases, based on total pressing size (including regional pressings but not including multiple formats) + rate of sales:
1. Lotus Fucker - self-titled LP (2009)
2. Lotus Fucker - Forever My Fighting Spirit LP (2012)
3. Active Minds - The Age of Mass Distraction LP (2017)
4. Column of Heaven - Mission From God LP (2012)
5. Six Brew Bantha - Intravenously Commodified LP (2015)
6. The Wankys/Lotus Fucker split 7" (2010)
7. Inservibles - Una Vida de Tristeza EP (2012)
8. Muerte - self-titled LP (2015)
9. Nukkehammer - Soviet Rust Belt EP (2011)
10. Terveet Kadet - Piinaavanautinto EP (2013)

And here are the top 10 most streamed bands from SPHC BandCamp:
1. Gas Chamber
2. Exit Hippies
3. Lotus Fucker
4. Illya
5. Kuroishi
6. Muerte
7. Malokio
8. Sacrificio
9. Cunts
10. Noise

And here are the top 10 most downloaded releases on SPHC BandCamp:
1. Lotus Fucker - Forever My Fighting Spirit LP
2. Kuroishi - Poverty Ignorance Greed Slavery LP
3. Sete Star Sept - Visceral Tavern LP
4. Lotus Fucker 2015 demo tape
5. Muerte - self-titled LP
6. Sete Star Sept/New York Against the Belzebu split 7"
7. Lotus Fucker - self-titled LP
8. Exit Hippies/Lotus Fucker split 12"
9. Terveet Kadet - Piinaavanautinto EP 
10. Sete Star Sept/Lotus Fucker split 7"

And here are my personal picks for Top 10 Best SPHC Releases, based on my own metrics (also subject to change + limited to 1 release per band):
1. Sun Children Sun - self-titled EP (2013)
2. Final Exit - Seasons Are Going and Going.... And Lives Goes On LP (2016)
3. Sete Star Sept - Beast World LP (2016)
4. Noise - Demo Tapes 1991-1995 LP (2016)
5. See You in Hell - Jed LP (2013)
6. Terveet Kadet - Piinaavanautinto EP (2013)
7. Chaos Channel - Magic Bullet (That Works to Feed the Pig) EP (2012)
8. Exacerbacion - Desastre Humano EP (2015)
9. Illya - In Adversity... EP (2017)
10. Thieving Bastards - Complete Musical Disasters EP (2018)
(fascinating to me that all the best records were largely released in years that were different than the most financially successful years. I take from this taste is shit LOL.)

-new releases news:

very soon:
No Blues EP
Active Minds/Los Rezios split 7"
new issue of Our Future zine

and then:
God's America EP
Su19b LP

and then:
The Coltranes LP
Globsters LP
Iron Bars LP


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