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Boom Boom Kid ‎– El Disco De La Primavera LP

Image of Boom Boom Kid ‎– El Disco De La Primavera LP


(Ugly Records)

A real treat for BBK fans!!!! If you're already a fan of this band, this is ESSENTIAL!!!!

Here we see BBK at his most hardcore. High-charge hardcore punk laden with blast beats, brutal crust vocals, and off-the-charts energy. This shit's out of control! And I think if you are already familiar with BBK as 'an amazing pop-punk band', this is essential to truly understanding BBK, because BBK is more than just 'a pop-punk band', they're a band without genre, boundary, or concern. It's uncompromising punk art that strives only to create and express, not to play into 'this genre' or 'that convention'. And that's what I like so much about this band, and what has so deeply influenced me over the years. I think this record, being 'a hardcore record by a pop-punk band', really speaks to this feeling.