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Dave Phillips ‎– The Hermeneutics Of Fear Of God LP

Image of Dave Phillips ‎– The Hermeneutics Of Fear Of God LP


(Extreme Noise Records)

Dave Phillips played in Fear of God 'back in the day' and went on to have a long-running and successful run making experimental music, he's still active today. This record sees him remixing old Fear of God recordings into a totally different beast, quickly shifting and splicing between harsh noise and grindcore, rearranging the parts and sounds into a sprawling sonic landscape of harsh audios and brutal moments, playing with repetition and pitch to create a wild journey of sound that doesn't really have any beginning, middle, or end. In the realm of "doing noise remixes of punk records", this is far and away the most fully realized and engaging that I've experienced. It's wild, chaotic, harsh, but also very well paced and orchestrated, retaining the momentum and attack of the original source material but arriving at this feeling in a totally different way. Essential for FoG fans (and who isn't??) and for people into "weird shit".

Part of the plethora of stuff I brought back from Brazil.