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From Us To Comic zine

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This zine is a masterpiece.
Stealing this description from Tom (General Speech):

If you are a fan of Kyushu punk, Gai, Swankys, Confuse, Etc, are household name, you have likely heard many of the excellent projects on the Kings World Records roster. This magazine is produced by Private Scandal Fanzine in the UK, and is dedicated to the memory of Comic, of the fantastic 80's and 90's Kyushu punk groups Last Child, Space Invaders & Cut. This 24 page fanzine contains an in depth, unpublished interview with Comic, printed in both English and Japanese, plus:

Unseen photos of Last Child, Space Invaders & Cut from the King's World Record archives
Cut - From Us To Comic CD
2 Cut badges designed by LARVA
2 Cut stickers designed by Shingo (People)
Limited to 250 copies worldwide