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Garbage Fountain Issue 2 zine

Image of Garbage Fountain Issue 2 zine



Newest issue of Europe's best noisecore can Uncut Reality step to the plate with their issue 2??? hahaha.

GREAT interviews with SPHC fam Sedem Minut Strachu (Slovakia) and KAZ Records (Slovakia), as well as Beer Terror (Finland), Romutus (Finland), Putrefacao Humana (Brazil) (oh yeah....I did a record for them! lol), Umbilical Tentacle (Australia) (Sete Star Sept's touring partners!), Tunkio (Finland) (they're really taking the world by storm right now! a lot of my Finnish friends talk about them!).....tons of record reviews that go through these bands and beyond, plenty of pics, nice collages....

This zine makes me feel like Finland might also be some secret noisecore utopia like Brazil is.....both issues, I feel like I'm learning a lot. So I feel like, if you're into noisecore like I am, you really ought to be reading this shit!!!!!!