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Hangmen Also Die - self-titled LP

Image of Hangmen Also Die - self-titled LP



Debut LP by what's basically the new incarnation of Nuklear Blast Suntan. Grady and Chris' unmistakable signature style is in full effect here; I feel like I could listen to these songs in a vacuum and recognize who's writing them. Hangmen Also Die feature some of the stylistic quirks and guitar flourishes that made Nuklear Blast Suntan such an amazing band to me (and Grady's unmistakable sense of layout LOL), but as a whole HAD is a lot more straight-forward than NBS. Most of the songs settle in a comfortable 'rocking crusty hardcore' kind of tempo, trading some of the dynamics of NBS for an overall more rocking approach.

Definitely a recommended record if you're like me and you miss the mighty Nuklear Blast Suntan.