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HatsuneKaidan - Noisy Killer LP

Image of HatsuneKaidan - Noisy Killer LP


(Specific Records)

The latest release of our French friends Specific Records, the finest curated J-Pop label out of the western world.

HatsuneKaidan is just about the strangest collaboration record ever. If you thought BiSKaidan was weird, this is the next level up in your training.

Hijokaidan of course you probably (hopefully? maybe?) already know, the legendary Japanese harsh noise group.

But do you know Miku Hatsune? You may not remember the name exactly but I bet you remember the shockingly bizarre concept when she made the rounds on the internet a few years back:

That's right, Miku Hatsune is the fucking weird hologram anime girl that's one voice set in the voice synthesizer program Vocaloid. Not a real person, but a totally fabricated J-Pop idol/icon. That's on TV and playing gigs Tupac-in-the-2000's style.

I find it really hard to believe that Hijokaidan and Miku Hatsune made a collaboration record but apparently they made a bunch, and Specific put the best one onto vinyl for us. THANK YOU FOR THIS. BLESS YOU FLORIAN.

Compared to BiSKaidan, HatsuneKaidan is a lot less abrasive and over-the-top, a lot less busy and dense. It's more straight-forwardly pop and melodic, an easier listen, with the noise kinda lurking around , situated neatly in the mix, never overpowering the overall song. There's not cut-ups like in BiSKaidan either, the tracks are very song-oriented and straight-forward. I love it of course. Give it a listen: