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Katastrofe Social - Ecce Homo LP

Image of Katastrofe Social - Ecce Homo LP


(Extreme Noise Records)

When Active Minds toured Brazil, I asked them what was the best band they played with, and they said: Katastrofe Social. So, when I went to Brazil, I made sure to stock up on their records to bring back here.

Katastrofe Social is a 90's band that just started releasing records last year. They play a straight-forward hardcore punk that doesn't necessarily sound Brazilian in style, but is sort of classic and timeless, it's too blunt and nonstop to be 'punk' but it's too sensitive to melody and songwriting to be 'hardcore''s a nice happy medium, in a way that feels very difficult to find in 2017. It doesn't sound like old Polish stuff but it gives me the same sort of emotion as something like Abaddon or Moskwa. Really great!!!!!

Part of the plethora of stuff I brought home from Brazil.